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I keep getting a Twitter 403 error for the search query being too many chars.

  search ="#{self.home_team.long_name} #{self.away_team.long_name} win OR lose")

How do I count how many chars the query is so I skip trying to run a search on it? For ex, this one is 156 chars:

GET 403: Sorry, your query is too complex. Please reduce complexity and try again.
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I don't think the issue is your query length, it's the query complexity. Try reducing the complexity or amount of results you can get with a more restrictive query or a simpler one. This usually happens with geographically based queries, like near, where the radius is too large and results in a very computationally complex or large query.

If you still want to count the query length, you can probably get a good estimate of the length by counting up your parameters and keys, like this:

search ='en')
search.query.inject(0){ |sum, obj| sum += obj[0].size+obj[1].size+1 }

That should give you the length of the key+value+symbol of your query.

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