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I've been using Bloodshed Dev-C++ for C++ programing for a while now. I'd like to get into GUI programing in C++. So I installed wxWidget and tried a simple hello world program, yet I get the following error:

\Dev-Cpp\gui_at0.cpp C:\Dev-Cpp\C wx/wx.h: No such file or directory. 

I'm pretty sure this error is due to the wx folder not being in the right directory. Currently it's in C:. So where does it need to be moved to? Or is something else at play?

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Uff, long time since I worked with Dev-C++, but basically you need to tell your compiler where to find the wxWidgets library. It should be somewhere around Compiler Options -> Include Directories or the likes. Also see here. If you can't find those options, another way to get it working is to copy the wxWidgets library to the include paths mentioned in the FAQ.
IIRC there even is a Dev-C++ version with directly integrated wxWidgets.

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