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I'm not sure why this is, but all I get is a 'create breakpoint' and 'delete breakpoint'. There is no option for a 'when hit' or something else like that.

Any ideas why?

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This functionality is not provided in the Express edition of Visual Studio. You can have a look here for details.

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I'm not quite sure where BP info is stored, but this did the trick for me (C# 2010 Express):

  • close the IDE
  • delete the *.vshost.exe (see EXE/DLL output folder)
  • delete the *.SUO file
  • now re-open the IDE and load the project again.


  • The *.vshost.exe might need to be terminated the hard way before you can delete it.
  • Deleting the *.SUO file also takes away some of the IDE project group settings, such as files opened, project tree folding, etc.
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