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Ok I updated eclipse ADT plain and the SDK platforms and it gave all of my current projects errors. If I click in the project there are no errors with in the projects files but an error on the actual project file. Thinly happen after I updated.what am I suppose do now?!?


App1 - error

Src - no error

Gen - no error

Res - no error

Manifest - no error

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What errors are shown in the problem view? (to open the problems view click on window -> show view -> Problems) –  Avi Y Feb 12 '11 at 8:26
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Have you tried cleaning the project?

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I had the same problem and after reinstall eclipse i realized i had the debug certificate expired. You do not need to reinstall eclipse but you just have to delete the expired certificate. The certificate is located at $HOME/.android/ directory and is called "debug.keystore".

After deleting restart eclipse and thats it because another certificate is generated.

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Cleaning didn't work for me at first. I was able to solve it by deleting all of the files inside the "bin" directory of each project that had an error and then cleaning.

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or, try to check preferences->Android->SDK location. In some case, Android sdk requires higher version of ADT. Refer to this link: This Android SDK requires Android Developer Toolkit version 14.0.0 or above. .... Please update ADT to the latest version

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