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I'm working on a personal project in Visual Studio 2010 Express edition, using ASP.NET & C#.

When i debug my web pages, for some reason a few of my css & script files don't reflect the changes i've made to them. When i check their content using firebug, i see it's the old un-modified content, as if a cached copy was used instead of the new changed one. This doesn't happen with all the files, only a few.

I tried restarting visual studio, deleting and adding the style/script again, but to no avail. I still see the old copies instead of the new ones.

Any idea what wold be causing this?

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The local browser cache is probably the reason - did you try loading the page/s with a hard reload (Ctrl + F5)?

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Jeez, feel like a doofus right now. /facepalm It's the correct answer btw. Thanks. – 1nfected Feb 12 '11 at 8:48

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