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I know that you can connect an iOS App with facebook using facebook connect, a library provided by facebook to get easy access to the facebook services. Can someone explain me how I can connect a OSX Cocoa Application with facebook? I don't get it and all I can find is how to create Apps inside facebook but what I want is to access facebook to show new from my facebook friends in my application.

Is there a library or a documented way on how to do this?

Thank you very much


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I think there isn't a library for OSX apps (at least, not an official one). You can always use the Graph API to grab content from Facebook.

If you decide to go this way, I think that you will need some script in order to get an access token and have access to content inside your friends profiles.

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Do you know any "unoffical" ones? :) A little tutorial on how to "call" the Graph API with Cocoa would be enough... – CaptnCrash Feb 12 '11 at 14:26
Nope, I'm not a Cocoa guy :( – Manuel Pedrera Feb 12 '11 at 15:24

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