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How to logout using MGTwitterEngine API programmatically in iphone ?

THanks in advance.....

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You mean how do you log out from the current account in MGTwitterEngine?

Well, that's easy, simply send the -endUserSession-selector to the engine like this:

MGTwitterEngine *engine = [MGTwitterEngine twitterEngineWithDelegate:self];
// Login...
// Do stuff...
[engine endUserSession]; // <-- Logs out
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Now, whenever I use this function, it's alway a HTTP error code 400 –  camdaochemgio Jul 6 '12 at 16:08
Now, whenever I use this function, it's alway return a HTTP error. It take a look inside the method endUserSession. If the path is "account/end_session", the error code is 401. Then if I change the path as "account/end_session.[json/xml]", the error code is 400 –  camdaochemgio Jul 6 '12 at 16:21

To Logout of the Twitter from MGTwitterEngine you need to call its methods with some change. In the MGTwitterEngine.m, search for _clearCookies. This is currently set to NO, change it to YES. In your action method for logging out the current user, call [ _engine clearAccessToken].

Now run it, and voila, it works!

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