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I want to extract all anchor tags from html pages. I am using this in Linux.

lynx --source | egrep "<a[^>]*>"

but that is not working as expected, since result contains unwanted results

<a class="amazon-affiliate-site-name" href="">Fabric</a><br>

I want just

<a href >...</a>

any good way ?

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Look that post:… – Aif Feb 12 '11 at 11:47
Don't use regex to parse html. Read… – MAK Feb 12 '11 at 11:47
What is the use of giving comedy comments, not even genuine answers, to a technical question? – tchrist Feb 12 '11 at 12:16

If you have a -P option in your grep so that it accepts PCRE patterns, you should be able to use better regexes. Sometimes a minimal quantifier like *? helps. Also, you’re getting the whole input line, not just the match itself; if you have a -o option to grep, it will list only the part that matches.

egrep -Po '<a[^<>]*>'

If your grep doesn’t have those options, try

perl -00 -nle 'print $1 while /(<a[^<>]*>)/gi'

Which now crosses line boundaries.

To do a real parse of HTML requires regexes subtantially more more complex than you are apt to wish to enter on the command line. Here’s one example, and here’s another. Those may not convince you to try a non-regex approach, but they should at least show you how much harder it is in the general case than in specific ones.

This answer shows why all things are possible, but not all are expedient.

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why can't you use options like --dump ?

lynx --dump --listonly
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Try grep -Eo:

$ echo '<a class="amazon-affiliate-site-name" href="">Fabric</a><br>' | grep -Eo '<a[^>]*>'
<a class="amazon-affiliate-site-name" href="">

But please read the answer that MAK linked to.

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Here's some examples of why you should not use regex to parse html.

To extract values of 'href' attribute of anchor tags, run:

$ python -c'import sys, lxml.html as h
> root = h.parse(sys.argv[1]).getroot()
> root.make_links_absolute(base_url=sys.argv[1])
> print "\n".join(root.xpath("//a/@href"))' | sort -u

Install lxml module if needed: $ sudo apt-get install python-lxml.

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To extract values of 'href' attribute of anchor tags you may also use xmlstarlet after converting HTML to XHTML using HTML Tidy (Mac OS X version released on 25 March 2009):

curl -s | 
tidy -q -c -wrap 0 -numeric -asxml -utf8 --merge-divs yes --merge-spans yes 2>/dev/null |
xmlstarlet sel -N x="" -t -m "//x:a/@href" -v '.' -n | 
grep '^[[:space:]]*http://' | sort -u | nl
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On Mac OS X you may also use the command line tool linkscraper:



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