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A string representation of entity's key always have app-id & namespace as a prefix. But in most case they are not required because too obvious.

ex> Key : ag13YXJjbG91ZC10ZXN0chsLEgVGb3JjZRihnAEMCxIIVW5pdFNsb3QYAgw

after removing appid_namespace part : chsLEgVGb3JjZRihnAEMCxIIVW5pdFNsb3QYAgw

I know (kind,id or name) pair can be another solution for identifying unique entity but here, I just want to know how to eliminate app-id & namespace prefix and expose rest as a part of REST API...

How can I remove them?

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Hey, I'm not sure how you want your REST api to work, but if you do something like

from google.appengine.ext import db

def getRESTPath (entity):
    def addKeyPathRecursive (key):
        restPaths.append('%s/%s' % (key.kind(), key.id_or_name()))
        parentKey = key.parent()
        if parentKey:
    restPaths = []
    return '/'.join(reversed(restPaths))

class Grandpa(db.Model): pass
class Papa(db.Model): pass
class Kid(db.Model): pass

kid = Kid(parent = Papa(parent = Grandpa().put()).put())
print getRESTPath(kid)

you get a string like Grandpa/21386/Papa/21387/Kid/21388.

If you just want (kind, id_or_name) without the ancestor path, I'm not sure why you're unhappy with '%s/%s' % (key.kind(), key.id_or_name()). You can't remove namespace info from the way the datastore treats keys internally, but that doesn't mean you have to display it to users.

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