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Can I assign more than one "CssClass" to a control in asp.net?How to do this?

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To assign class "myClass1" and "myClass2" you simply say:

<asp:Label runat="server" CssClass="myClass1 myClass2" />

This is the same approach you'd use in normal HTML as in:

<div class="myClass1 myClass2"></div>
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The order that they appear also matters, so if you set the font-size to 12px in myClass1 but myClass2 sets the font-size to 10px, then myClass2 will take precedence even though it appears last. –  MikeTeeVee Apr 11 '12 at 23:25

If you wanted to add another class programmatically and don't know what classes have already been added

MyControl.CssClass += " newclass";
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You can try the eqivalent of:

class="class1 class2"

So if it's a property just try throwing the classes with a space between them in there.

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I imagine it's just like setting the class attribute in an XHTML element.

<p class="foo bar"></p>

<asp:Something CssClass="foo bar" runat="server" />
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