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I am trying to deploy my rails app that is working fine on my local machine , to a remote host. I am using to be exact. When I try to run the app using Passenger,I get this error

"Could not find crack-0.1.8 in any of the sources"

But when I did a,

$gem list

the gem , crack (0.1.8) is present. I am using Rails 3 btw.

Any suggestions is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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Make sure the Gem is installed via Bundler. Check your Gemfile and see if the gem is listed. Then, when deploying the application, make sure to execute the $ bundle install command.

If you deploy the project with capistrano, you can use the default bundler recipe by including the recipe at the top of your deploy.rb file.

require 'bundler/capistrano'
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