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I wanted to ask how I can compute the following integral in MATLAB.

integral( PN(x,m,s), x(-Inf,Inf) , m>0 , s>0.

I have created a function file, pn, which is:

function PN = pn(x,m,s)
    PN = exp(-(x-m).^2 ./ (2*s.^2)) ./ sqrt(2*pi*s.^2);

and a script begin.m:

%ezplot(@(x)pn(x,0,1),[-3,3])  --> This is OK!
quad(pn(x,m,s),x,-Inf,Inf)     --> I can't manipulate this, I tried several ways.

The answer to the integral must be "1".

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quad and other integration routines expect a function handle in its first slot. Also, this function must except vector input and return vector output. To fix your problem, try this instead,

F = @(x) pn(x,m,s);  % a function handle
quadgk(F,-inf,inf)   % quadgk excepts -inf to inf as limits

This should do what you want.

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Thanks!This works fine!But we are taking m=0 and s=1 .I want m>0 and s>0.Is this the same? –  George Feb 12 '11 at 14:57
yup, do a change of variables z = (x - m)/(sqrt(2) s) under the integral to reduce it to the case where m=0, s=1. –  MarkV Feb 12 '11 at 16:45

I'd recommend breaking it into the sum of two integrals: one from -Inf to zero, and another from zero to +Inf.

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Ok ,thanks! I did it as below, i will try that too. –  George Feb 12 '11 at 14:58

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