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i have manufacturer and product model:

    class Manufacturer < ActiveRecord::Base
      has_many :products


    class Product < ActiveRecord::Base
      has_one :manufacturer

Product table has manufacturer_id, i have drop-down list with manufacturer name, but in list or show i see manufacturer id, not name, how to do, what i could see name of manufacturer

Thank you.

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You end up wanting to do something like:


every time you want to see the manufacturer name. Calling 'product.manufacturer' gets you the actual Manufacturer model pointed to by manufacturer_id, so you need to be specific about what aspect of it you want to see.

As for getting the name to show up in dropdowns, that's a matter of specifying both the display text and the value to use on the dropdown. Check here for the full syntax. Basically, you end up making an array of arrays to represent your options, where each array is made up of [name, id].

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You should have a belongs_to on the other end of that has_many...

class Product < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :manufacturer

And if you want help with your <select>, you should share that code.

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i have made <select>, thank you –  Ignas Rytoj Feb 12 '11 at 15:07

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