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Hello im having a bit of a problem, look at this:

SELECT id, activate_key FROM accounts
WHERE id = $accNum 
AND password = '$password' AND activate_key = NULL
// Success! the id and password matched and the activate_key field is null

This is my login. As Soon as I add AND activate_key = NULL you cant login on any account, even if the activate_key field is NULL.

Sorry for the title, as im not a sql guru i couldnt think of a better title explaining my problem

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Also should not be storing passwords in plain text. –  awm Feb 12 '11 at 15:20

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Use IS NULL. = won't work with NULL.


Don't forget to escape your password! Your query will fail and can potentially harm your database if you don't.

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activate_key IS NULL

instead of

activate_key = NULL 
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