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Designing AIR application which has to have server side push or notification, don't know what is the best implementation of this feature in PHP. Please suggest, because at the moment I not sure if this even exists.

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Great question I am wandering the same think.

I have done some reasearch on the subject myself.

Hopefully it wil help you.

They are 3 solutions that I have found:

  1. Use NGiNX with Node.js and Socket.IO ( and
  2. Use the NGiNX HTTP PUSH (COMET) module:
  3. NGiNX + Socket.IO:

Also about the NGiNX PUSH module. I message the creator and he told me that he will support websockets soon.

If you are going to use PHP in a very intensive way you might want to look at PHP HIPHOP for performance reasons.

I really hope my answer helps you or at least puts you on the right track ;)

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I think that as HTTP works in a client request fashion, pushing is not possible.

Maybe you could set a timer and refresh every X seconds, minutes or whatever that fits into your application?

Edit: Actually a socket approach would be a better solution.

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Can you elaborate more on socket approach? – Feb 14 '11 at 4:02

If you want to do real push with AIR you have to go socket. Take a look at smartfox server.

edit : i agree about node, i use it often now.

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