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In an IPhone app, I want to create a connection, have the user log in to a webservice once, and then have all subsequent requests by multiple threads reuse the authorized connection. What is the best way to implement this in iOS?

FYI: I have implemented this previously in an Android app by using Apache HTTPClient with a threadSafeConnectionManager whereby whenever you need a connection, you ask the shared httpClient for one and it dispatches one from the pool it maintains; all connections retain the same authentication credentials. I am looking for the comparable way to do this in an IPhone app.

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Isn't this a bit of a misuse of the HTTP protocol? How did you implement that on the server side? –  Codo Feb 12 '11 at 18:43
I'm not sure what you mean by a 'misuse'. And, there is nothing about this implemented on the server side, this concept is for a client application such as an IPhone app or an Android app. It is the same idea as a web browser sending multiple requests to a server that appear to be coming from the same client. –  JohnRock Feb 12 '11 at 19:26

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I don't know of any built in mechanism for this, but you could fork ASIHttpRequest and bend it to your will. It shouldn't take much effort to refactor the authentication part from a shared location, but your concept of reusing the TCP socket may take a bit of work. There probably isn't a way of doing it with NSURLRequest, but since ASIHttpRequest uses the core foundation methods, that is not an issue.

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