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I need to convert mp3 files into mp4 or any other video formats, with blank images; so that I can play it on any video player or upload it on youtube. I don't want to use the readily available softwares(I will have to manually convert each file using the software), but I need a way to code it which would perform the entire conversion automatically.

Any thoughts on how I can go about doing this? Thanks.

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Check FFMPEG. the biggest problem with it is to build it. It can produce mp4 from independent video and audio tracks. Video track can be provided as a series of still images. I just not sure if specifying single image would work for you.

another option is MEncoder, the problem is the same - you'll need to build it. Or try to find prebuilt one

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Are you aware of AviSynth? Effectively it allows you to write and/or generate scripts that edit/mix media files. It would go something like ~this:

video = ImageSource("file.png")
audio = NicMPG123Source("file.mp3")
AudioDub(vid, aud)

I do not remember exact parameters of these functions, plus I only gave the exact names thanks to Google query, but this sample should be really close to actual code you would use.

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VLC Media Player (available here) should be able to do the job.

Pressing Ctrl-R after opening the app brings up the Convert menu.

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VLC provides rudimentary conversion, and this task cannot be accomplished with VLC because you cannot specify a still image for video track. –  Andy T Feb 12 '11 at 17:12
ubuntu 14.04 here. VLC does nothing. –  Louis Oct 7 at 18:10

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