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I have a situation wherein I call a method which in turn triggers a asynchronous HTTP REST call(sends the status later to another endpoint) before it proceeds further. I want the method to wait until i get the response back to the endpoint, check the status i got and proceed further. I am looking for a feasible solution in Java. Any pseudo code or implementation will be helpful

saw similar case @ Lightweight way of waiting for a group of asynchronous Java calls but not much idea about the same whether it is easy to implement.

Implementation details

I have JAX-RS endpoint to handle the async response as below

public Response processConfigStatus(@Context UriInfo uriInfo, ConfigStatus configStatus)
   // process Status got from the async REST call
   return ResponseHelper.createNoContentResponse();

Class which handles and processes

Class ProcessData{

  public void updateData()
    update();// should wait untill the processConfigStatus() endpoint gives status

  private  checktStatus(String uri){
     // makes a REST call to a URI using a JAX-RS webclient or a httpclient this returns HTTP 200 or 204 code immediatley. And then the Server process the request asynchronously and gives back the status to JAX-RS endpoint(/status).


Method call from another Class

ProcessData pd = new ProcessData()
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and some code from your side is also welcome –  Bozho Feb 12 '11 at 18:24

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Just as in the link you provided, you'll have to implement a way to simply keep track of how many async calls are stilling waiting for a response and wait until that count is zero.

count = numAsyncCalls
..calling all of the RESTful services here (each call must have some sort of callback to decrement 'count' variable above..
while (count > 0)
   wait around

The use of the CountDownLatch in your link looks pretty much the same as my pseudo-code

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@Bozho, added the code iam planning to implement. @jerluc, i havent worked on the callbacks in java, for the above implementation of mine how we can have this or from the processConfigStatus() REST handler i might need to call a method in ProcessData class to give the status. –  ravi Feb 12 '11 at 19:21

How about using a CountDownLatch?

A synchronization aid that allows one or more threads to wait until a set of operations being performed in other threads completes.

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