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Trying to use django-grappelli for my admin theme, install has been surprisingly challenging. Running into the following in my urls.py: NameError .. name 'grappelli' is not defined. The error is thrown on the line : (r'^grappelli/', include(grappelli.urls))

Installed grappelli with pip (also tried easy_install and svn into my project directory), and grappelli is in my sites-packages directory. Added to my INSTALLED_APPS, ran syncdb, tried adding grappelli to my pythonpath, but no luck. If I import grappelli in urls.py the error changes to an AttributeError - 'module' has no attribute 'urls'.

I'm relatively new to Python so hoping there's a debugging step I'm not aware of or something obvious I'm missing. Any ideas?

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Line should read:

(r'^grappelli/', include('grappelli.urls'))

include either takes a path to a urls module OR it can be a python object that returns the url patterns http://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/topics/http/urls/#include

So your two options are either the line above (path to urls) or

from grappelli.urls import urlpatterns as grappelli_urls

(r'^grappelli/', include(grappelli_urls)),

As for the error, it's one of the most straight forward errors in Python to debug: grappelli is not defined, as in.. it hasn't been defined.

Imagine being in the shell:

>>> print grappelli
exception: variable undefined
>>> grappelli = 'hello' # we just defined grappelli
>>> print grappelli
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Thanks @Yuji - I can't believe I didn't try that. It seemed like it should be obvious but I got tripped up when importing grappelli didn't give me any trouble. Was assuming adding grappelli to my installed_apps gave me access to that object as variable. Will accept as soon as it'll let me. –  jonathanatx Feb 12 '11 at 20:15
NP! I did notice that the grappelli docs suggest you include(grappelli.urls) :) wrong. –  Yuji 'Tomita' Tomita Feb 12 '11 at 20:23
It's important to point out the the quotes around 'grappelli.urls' is what fixes this issue... for whatever reason. –  tufelkinder Feb 24 '13 at 4:50
@tufelkinder, then you clearly never imported grappeli_urls.. –  Yuji 'Tomita' Tomita Feb 24 '13 at 5:44
Well, I'm not using grappelli, but I have the same error with another package. I tried importing the package and then referencing package.urls but that still did not work until I surrounded it with quotes and then I did not even need to import that package. Regardless, your answer and the one below provided a solution that works. :-) –  tufelkinder Feb 24 '13 at 22:33

I realize this is over a year old, but it was one of the top results on Google when I was having this same problem.

Rather than importing urlpatterns from grapelli.urls, you can also change the include() statement

(r'^grappelli/', include(grappelli.urls))


(r'^grappelli/', include('grappelli.urls'))

This threw me off for a bit as well until I noticed the need for quoting the package.urls in the include statement.

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