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I'm having trouble with physics in unity 3d. I'm wanting my ball to bounce off of walls and go another direction. When the ball hits the wall it just bounces straight back. I have tried changing the direction to be orthogonal to the direction it hits the wall but it doesn't change direction. Due to this, the ball just keeps hitting the wall and bouncing straight back.

Secondly, sometimes the ball goes through the wall. The walls have box colliders while the ball has a sphere collider. They all have continuous dynamic as the collision detection mode.


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How are you 'moving' the ball? What kind of physics material does the ball use? – Tony Abrams Mar 1 '11 at 13:31
I'm moving it using AddForce. It is a sphere, rigidbody with bouncy material. – Chris McKnight Mar 5 '11 at 2:15

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Here's a link to a similar thread:

Personally, I would code the rotation using LookAt as GargarathSunman suggests in this link, but if you want to do it with physics, you'll probably need to build the javelin in at least a couple of parts, as the others suggest in the link, and add different drag and angular drag values to each part,perhaps density as well. If you threw a javelin in a vacuum, it would never land point down because air drag plays such an important part (all things fall at the same rate regardless of mass, thank you Sir Isaac Newton). It's a difficult simulation for the physics engine to get right.

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Maybe try to get collider point between you sphere and your wall then catch your rigidbody velocity and revert it by the collision point normale...

a exemple of script to do that ---> (put this script on a wall with collider )

C# script : public class WallBumper : MonoBehaviour { private Vector3 _revertDirection; public int speedReflectionVector = 2; /*********************************************** * name : OnCollisionEnter * return type : void * Make every gameObject with a RigidBody bounce againt this platform * ********************************************/ void OnCollisionEnter(Collision e) { ContactPoint cp = e.contacts[0]; _revertDirection = Vector3.Reflect(e.rigidbody.velocity, cp.normal * -1); e.rigidbody.velocity = (_revertDirection.normalized * speedReflectionVector); } }

hope it will help !

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