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Suppose I have 2 tables which i join in which i do a INNER JOIN using a key field.


TABLE #a kf int

TABLE #b kf int, data varchar(5)

Now if #a has a single row with value as 1 and #b has multiple rows with the same key 1 as

  1. 1 DBD
  2. 1 DBE
  3. 1 HDG

Now when i do a join instead of getting 3 rows , Is it possible to get one row with the data values in comma separated manner like


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Here is a version that use a CTE and XML PATH('')

;with cte as
    (select data+','
     from #b as b2
     where b1.kf = b2.kf
     for xml path('')) as data
  from #b b1 
  group by kf
  left(b.data, len(b.data)-1) as data
from #a as a
  inner join cte as b
    on a.kf = b.kf
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