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Is there any desktop application, which can notify me, when new pushes appear at projects which I select?

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You need to specify an OS. – chx Feb 12 '11 at 20:41

Any RSS reader should do.

Go to your dashboard page on GitHub where it says "your news feed" - in the upper right corner is the orange rss icon with the text "News Feed", that you can subscribe to.

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RSS feed plus Monotony is a dream on OS X – James Doc Apr 1 '14 at 12:11

If you're using OS X there's a menu bar application called Gitifier which will display commit messages using Growl after each push to Github.

Alternatively what a lot of teams do is setup a Github callback to their Campfire room, and then configure their desktop client to display the notifications, if you're on OS X; Propane has good Growl integration for this.

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You can also use git-dude. Works on OSX and Linux, uses Growl, notify-send (or what's available). It also allows specifying custom notification command.

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If you're in Chrome all day long, consider GitHub Notifier

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There is also Committed.app, at http://www.secondgearsoftware.com/committed/

It's $5 on the Mac App Store, and it notifies you using the OS X Notification Center when someone pushes code on a repository on GitHub.

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