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I made a webpage in Photoshop CS4, sliced it up, threw it in a table in Dreamweaver CS4. http://www.themegan.info/lab4/index.htm (rough start, I know) Now, how do I go about putting text on top of the images? Do I use CSS? I am just confused at this point.

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As I hope you've guessed, there's a little more to creating websites than using Photoshop slices. You need to learn how to create proper HTML/CSS, from the beginning. – thirtydot Feb 12 '11 at 21:11
<td style="position:relative;">
    <img src="..." style="position:absolute;z-index:1;" />
    <div style="z-index:2;position:relative;">your text goes here</div>
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Yeah, should have researched more beforehand. I used absolute positioning. Not sure how I didn't think of it before. Thanks. – Megan Kammermeier Feb 12 '11 at 21:51
@Megan, if this answered your question, please click the checkmark beside the question. If this didn't answer your question, click the checkmark near the one that did! Cheers. – D_N Feb 13 '11 at 8:58

You could use the images as backgrounds of your layout "parts" through css. I.e.


<div id="content">...text...</div>


    background:url(..imgurl..) no-repeat top left;
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If you were using DIV element then it could be achieved like

<div id="textDiv">text</div>

And this CSS

div.textDiv {
top:220px; left:450px;
width:242px; height:366px;

An alternative is using Layers

<LAYER LEFT=220 TOP=450>Text</LAYER>
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Unless you want your users to interact with the image (i.e. the navigation menu images) you should use the css background-image property to make your design elements go to the background. Example:

td#sidebar { background-image:sidebarimg.jpg no-repeat; }

Then whatever text you put into your td element will automatically be on top of the image. This is especially important because it means a lot less upkeep will be required in maintaining your site.

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