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I had a weird problem on NSTableView sort.

I created a simple app with a NSTableView which has 4 columns. Then I used KVC to bind it to a Array controller.

Then I added some data to the NSMutableArray.

Bulid&&Run the app and I can see the data inside the table and by clicking the header the data can be sorted correctlly.

Everything works fine up till now.

Then I tried to add the "caseInsensitiveCompare" to each columns. So I opened the IB, set the sort key and selector ("caseInsensitiveCompare:") to each columns.

Then Bulid&&Run the app, but when I click the header to sort, I got the error message:

-[NSCFNumber caseInsensitiveCompare:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x1006254f0
-[NSCFNumber caseInsensitiveCompare:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x1006254f0

Then I tried to delete all the content in the sort key and selector of each columns. And the app became OK again.

What seems to be the problem? I am really confused...

ps: If I use compare: instead of caseInsensitiveCompare:, everything works fine again...

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One of the values (such as a property or key) of your objects in your NSMutableArray is of class NSNumber. Since this class deals with numbers, it doesn't respond to the caseInsensitiveCompare: selector. This selector is meaningful to NSString.

The column on your table view that is displaying number values should keep using compare: for sorting the values.

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