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I am getting the following error:

Can't convert String into Integer (TypeError)

It is happening on this line:

if new_animal != animals[i]

Why is this happening?

animals = ['rhino', 'giraffe', 'cat', 'dolphin', 'turtle']

puts 'Enter the new animal:'
new_animal = gets.chomp

empty_array = []

animals.each do |i|
  if new_animal != animals[i]
    empty_array << i
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animals.each do |i| is not doing what you think it does. i then is the actual strings (animal names). So if you iterate through and use an animal name as an array accessor in animals[i] it is not an integer and cannot be converted to one.

animals.each do |animal|
    empty_array << animal if new_animal != animal

is the correct way to do it.

In Ruby if you want an iterator integer, you can do each_index and that will give you the integer position. each_index is not used too much in Ruby though, that is why I refactored your code to what I posted.

Or you can just make it one line of code and do:


which will return nil if it is not in the array or the fixnum position if it is in the array

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Michael got it right... when you run this code

animals = ['rhino', 'giraffe', 'cat', 'dolphin', 'turtle']
animals.each {|i| puts i}

you get:


so "i" does not refer to what you expect it to refer to...

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