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I want to create an application where the GUI is accessed using a web browser. That way, the program can be used either locally or remotely. I want to be able to compile both PC (using cygwin or mingw) and Linux versions of the program. What is a good framework to accomplish this?

I will need the following features:

  • web server (preferably written in C)
  • PHP (including SQLite capability)
  • small system resources (able to compile it to run in an embedded system with 32MB ram)
  • The user interface aspects of the program will be written in HTML/PHP/JavaScript and access to a special I/O device will be written in C. The data from the I/O subsystem will be stored into a SQLite database so that the Web based user interface can access the data from PHP.

    So far, mongoose looks like a candidate for this project. Does anyone have any experience with this? What other alternatives exist?

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    hiphop-php developed by facebook, translates your codes for c and compiles with apache + apache and php modules that you choosed in a unique and faster executable file.

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    Thanks for the reply. hiphop-php may be usefull for me for this project, however, I want to keep most of the application as PHP (thus allowing easy changes to the application without having to compile anything). I will use C for the low level hardware communications. <p>Here is something that may fit the bill: webtoolkit.eu/wt </p> –  Michael Alford Feb 13 '11 at 19:10

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