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Hi I am learning python and using ctype to embedd 'C' in python. My query is- How to use C stru which again calling a stru inside into cytpe/python.

typedef struct {    
   struct *i, *j; 
   BOOLEAN z; 
} foo;
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It's not entirely clear from your question, but it looks like you're trying to define a struct that contains a pointer to the same type. It's not immediately obvious how you would accomplish this in python, but you basically define your Structure, and then define the _fields_ attribute afterwards.

The ctype docs on python.org have a perfectly on-point example of doing exactly this.

There's also good documentation there on working with structs in general, including nesting one struct type within another, which works a little more obviously.

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Thanks zerocrates. I am going through the mentioned documents. I have got bit understanding of how to define structure in ctype. ok let me redefine my problem- typedef struct A { B *x; B *y[Z]; BOOLEAN xx; } A; Where B is typedef struct { UINT16 length; INT16 offset; UINT8 *data; UINT8 user_count; } B; And Z = 10 –  Rajesh Feb 13 '11 at 7:51

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