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hey everyone first off im using eclipse program and im working on an android application.

Here is what I'm trying to do::

i want to have a gallery of images and then when they select the image they can press menu and select either send mms, share, set as wallpaper, or about. Then when they click send mms it goes to another page that has the picture they chose and a text box then a button that has poems they can click on and pick from a list of poems and when they click on a poem it goes to the text box then they can press send (there is also going to be a button to go back if they choose to cancel the mms). and then the Share, set as wallpaper, and about i pretty obvious.

I have the gallery set up and the options menu i just cant link the option menu buttons together with everything... i have tried to search and but most stuff i find is to make a regular button to set wall paper and all that good stuff.

Please if someone can help me that would be great this is my first app to build.

Thanks in advance

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