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I am using the DATA::Dumper api to parse an html table..

Here is the perl code:

print Dumper $row;

Here is the output:

$VAR1 = [

Question: 1. I want to modify Info1, Info2, etc before writing into a SQL table. How do i access that from above output?

Something like $row->{var1}->? I've tried a couple of options and nothing worked.

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Please read perldoc perlreftut, perldoc perlref and perldoc perldsc - Data::Dumper is not "parsing" anything, it is just showing you the contents of your structure. –  Ether Feb 13 '11 at 17:20

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Looks like $row is a reference to an array. Try $row->[0], $row->[1], $row->[2], etc.

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Thanks! That worked! –  Simbatish Feb 13 '11 at 7:38

This is an old question, with an answer that was never selected.

Ways to update an arrayref

  • Element by array reference:

    $row->[0] = 'foo';
    $row->[1] = 'bar';
    $row->[2] = 'baz';
  • List assignment:

    ($row->[0], $row->[1], $row->[2]) = ('foo','bar','baz');
  • Array list assignment:

    @{$row} = ('foo','bar','baz');
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