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I'm new to web design, I have 4 questions.

(1). I understand that the URL like "xxx.com/index.jsp?id=x" means that a parameter with value of "x" is targeting on index.jsp. But how about something like "xxx.com/index.htm?id=x", where is the parameter goint to be sent? Given that htm are "static" webpages.

(2). Is there any possibility I can view the asp/jsp/php, etc source file? i.e. something starts with "<%@ page language="java" %> " and not the view source html code?

(3). I have frequently see urls like www.yyy.com or www.yyy.com/s without the index/home page indications (such as www.xxx.com/index.aspx), so how do i find the actual index page?

(4). I've also seen some weird page names such as xxx.com/index.do and xxx.com/index.tmpl and many more. I mean whats this all about?

Many thanks!!

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Please limit your question to one (or a few that are very related) per post. Break these up into a few different questions, and you'll get better answers quicker. –  D_N Feb 13 '11 at 8:27
Oh, I'm sorry, D_N, I thought these are related questions. –  grandproducts Feb 13 '11 at 8:31

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(2). No. Just no (if the server is configured correctly).

(1,3,4). It depends on the server software and configuration, think Apache + mod_rewrite, Tomcat and many many more. You can basically do anything you want as long as the domain name matches. HTTP doesn't care.

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