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I just upgrade my web service from Rails 2.3.8 to Rails 3.0.3

It's almost working well.

I has one problem, Lost connection error is occurred when the service is deployed with capistrano. About 3 times occurred every deployment. The service use octopus gem from https://github.com/tchandy/octopus for database replication with 1 master database and 2 slave database.

Mysql::Error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query: SELECT regions.* FROM regions WH ...

The problem is not occurred when octopus is not used with single database. But replication is needed for traffic.

Please, give me any advise. Thank you.

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I'm the creator of Octopus.

Can you add this to your shards.yml file?

verify_connection: true

Also, if that don't work, try to configure rails to automatic reconnect:


Obs: this will work only with mysql adapter, not mysql2.

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Thank you! I am surprising you are creator of Octopus. You are right. it is one of the solutions. But, The problem cann't be solved with passenger. It is solved using Nginx + Unicorn. –  Jaehyun Feb 28 '11 at 4:41
Octopus is very good gem for replication! –  Jaehyun Feb 28 '11 at 4:43
I'm working to find a solution for Passenger! Also, nice to know that it solves your issue ;-) –  Thiago Pradi Feb 28 '11 at 13:09
You need to be careful with verify_connection: true because it can cause Octopus to make two SQL requests for every SQL request you actually make: one to verify the connection, plus the actual SQL request. In some applications, this will slow down your application. –  phylae Aug 29 '12 at 0:03

If your using Phusion Passenger and PassengerSpawnMethod smart.

# config/initializers/phusion_passenger.rb
if defined?(PhusionPassenger)
  PhusionPassenger.on_event(:starting_worker_process) do |forked|
    if forked
      # the following is *required* for Rails + "PassengerSpawnMethod smart".
      if defined?(ActiveRecord::Base)
        # force reconnect to "master" connection.

        # force reconnect to our octopus "slave" pools. This may include the "master" pool above.
        if defined?(Octopus)
          ActiveRecord::Base.connection_proxy.instance_variable_get(:@shards).each { |name, pool| pool.disconnect! }

This with:

# database.yml and shards.yml
reconnect: true
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