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i have 2 tables: Categories,Oglasi

category_id | category | parent
1             auto      0
2             games     0
3             bmw       1
4             cards     2

oglas_id | category_id
1          3            
2          4             

What im trying to do is make a menu of this as:

parent name - category name ( number of items in this category)

Example : auto - bmw ( 1 )

Now i got it to make a tree menu of parent name-category name,but don't know how to connect all of this with the counted rows number. Here's my query and code to do this:

$kategorije = dbQuerySelect('SELECT a.category parent
                                  , b.category child
                                  FROM categories a
                                  JOIN categories b
                                  ON a.category_id = b.parent
                                  ORDER BY a.category_id');
                if ($kategorije)
                    $parent = '';
                    echo "<ul>";
                    foreach ($kategorije as $next) {
                       if ($next['parent'] != $parent) {
                          if (strlen($parent) > 0) {
                             echo "    </ul>";
                             echo "  </li>";
                          echo "  <li>" . $next['parent'];
                          echo "    <ul>";
                       echo "    <li>" . $next['child'] . "</li>";

                       $parent = $next['parent'];
                    echo "    </ul>";
                    echo "  </li>";
                    echo "</ul>";

So in this case this returns:

parent | child
auto     bmw
games    cards

Can someone please help me to edit my code and return the number of rows in each 'subcategory' ? I tried a few variations with COUNT in the query,but i just couldn't make it work.

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SELECT a.category parent, 
       b.category child,
       (select count(*) from oglasi where category_id = b.category_id) as count
FROM categories a
JOIN categories b
ON a.category_id = b.parent
ORDER BY a.category_id

With this you should get:

   auto  bmw    1
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oh man,thank you. I tried count in every form,but not like nested select. Thank You very much! – Doktor83 Feb 13 '11 at 15:51
anyways,is there a better (faster) way to get the number of children ? I have about 220 child categories,and querying this way is just too slow.. – Doktor83 Feb 21 '11 at 16:25
do you have index on oglasi.category_id column? – Adrian Serafin Feb 21 '11 at 18:25
Nope,i have index on the title field. Should it speed up if i'd index category_id too ? – Doktor83 Feb 23 '11 at 7:02
sorry,actually i do have an index on it. i was looking at my table at localhost,on the live site i put an index on it,just forgot about it :) – Doktor83 Feb 23 '11 at 7:18

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