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I'm using jQuery AJAX to implement a voting system. I'm using this code:

    var target = $(this);
    var id =;
    var vote = $(this).attr("class");
    var voteCount = $(this).next('p').attr("class");
    var data = "id=" + id + "&vote=" + vote;
            context: this,
            type: "POST",
            url: "vote.php",
            data: data,
            dataType: "json",
            cache: false,
            success: function(data)
                for(var x in data) {
                        $("." + voteCount).html(data[x].vote_up);

I have is an input and a corresponding <p> element via this code:

while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)){
    echo "<p>" . $row['content'] . "</p>";
    echo "<p>Posted by " . $row['username'] . "</p>";
        echo "<input type='button' id='".$row['id']."' class='vote_up' value='vote up'></input>";
    echo "<p class='votes_up ".$row['id']."'>" . $row['vote_up'] . "</p>";
        echo "<input type='button' id='".$row['id']."' class='vote_down' value='vote down'></input>";
    echo "<p class='votes_down ".$row['id']."'>" . $row['vote_down'] . "</p>";
    echo "<hr />";

When the user presses on a vote_up or vote_down button for the jQuery success function, it should update all <p> elements on the page with their class name as the same as the input button's ID. For example, if input was pressed with ID 12, then there will be 5 <p> elements with class name of 12.

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ID starting with numbers are invalid.

    var clickedElemid =;

    var pElems = $("p." + clickedElemid);
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Thanks Rahul. On my page i have these p elements, with vote up and vote down buttons. So at the moment, whatever I click, its changing both (as they have the same ID) how do i target the different class names of the p element - ie. votes_up and votes_down? – benhowdle89 Feb 13 '11 at 11:37
Using the same id for multiple elements will be invalid HTML. – rahul Feb 13 '11 at 11:43

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