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I'm studying data structures and linked lists, but I'm not getting the concept of how to make a copy of a linked list. Can someone explain this, possibly using pseudocode or C code?

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The logic for duplicating a linked list is recursive and based on the following observations:

  1. The clone of the empty list is the empty list.
  2. The clone of a list with first node x and remaining nodes xs is a copy of x prepended to a clone of xs.

If you encode the linked list in C++, this can be very clean:

struct Node {
    int value;
    Node* next;

Node* Clone(Node* list) {
    if (list == NULL) return NULL;

    Node* result = new Node;
    result->value = list->value;
    result->next = Clone(list->next);
    return result;
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This is really a nice piece of code! – LunaticSoul Sep 14 at 1:23

Do you understand how to add a new node to an existing list? And do you understand how to traverse (i.e. iterate over) a list? Copying a list is just performing both of these operations simultaneously (traverse ListA; for each element, copy the element and add it as a new node to ListB).

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