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I've already submitted a similar question, but I've broken down the problem to its simplest form, so I'm gonna post it again:

The problem is, that SolrJ seems to keep file handles open, if I add the same file more than once.

I use the following method to submit a document to Solr:

public boolean addDocument( File doc ) throws IOException, SolrServerException {

    ContentStreamUpdateRequest csur = new ContentStreamUpdateRequest( "/update/extract" );

    csur.addFile( doc );
    csur.setParam( "literal.id", Utils.getAbsolutePath( doc ) );
    csur.setAction( AbstractUpdateRequest.ACTION.COMMIT, true, true );
    NamedList<Object> result = this.solr.request( csur );

    return result != null;

And this method to remove documents:

public void removeDocument( File doc ) throws IOException,
        SolrServerException {

    this.solr.deleteById( Utils.getAbsolutePath( doc ) );

But that seems to leave some File Handles lingering:

The following snippet demonstrates the problem:

File doc = new File( "../../testpdf/bbb.pdf" );
solr.addDocument( doc );
//solr.removeDocument( doc );   // Without these 2 lines, all handles
//solr.addDocument( doc );      // are released correctly

If I add the same document twice, SolrJ somehow keeps the handles alive, and the added document cannot be modified by any other processes.

I've already tried calling using csur.addContentStream() instead of csur.addFile() in addDocument and then closing the underlying Stream and Reader of the added stream, with no effect.

thx for any suggestions in advance

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Are you sure it's Solr and not Jnotify itself? Take a look who's holding file open. This would be a good start – maximdim Feb 12 '11 at 20:30
I'm fairly sure it's Solr. I've tested a little more now, and the behaviour is quite strange. Sometimes, files also stay locked after the initial scan. Maybe it's due to some lazy-loading stuff that SolrJ does. – DeX3 Feb 13 '11 at 10:15
kk, it's definitely something SolrJ-specifig. I've removed everything but 2 calls to addDocument with the same document. After the first call, the file-handle gets freed, but when I do the second call, the handle stays. – DeX3 Feb 13 '11 at 10:46
Are you using embeddedSolrServer? – nickdos Feb 18 '11 at 22:06
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Couldn't fix it, did a workaround by writing a custom ContentStream that buffers the document.

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