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I'm using a large background in <body> tag and I want to make a container div with a width of 960px. I want the container div to be positioned 15px down from the top, I guess i have to use position:absolute. My dilemma is; the rest of the div's inside the container have to contain the same position or i could continue this like an normal 960px wide website? Sorry for my bad english. Please help me!

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This should give your container a 960px width and center it with a 10px top (and bottom!) margin.

#container {
    width: 960 px; /* set width for container */
    margin: 10px auto; /* 10px top and bottom, center screen */
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You don't have to use absolute positioning. A simple

body {margin: 0; padding: 0}
#container {width: 960px; margin: 15px 0 0;} /* or margin: 15px auto 0 */ if you want it centered 

will do :)

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You do not need to use position:absolute; what that does is puts a div in a specific place on the page irrleevant of broswer window size which isn't what you want in this instance,

What you need is simply a margin-top:$$px;

If you are using an id use the # identifier:

#container {

If you are using a class use the . identifier:

.container {

All divs within this tag can be written and position as they normally would, no extra padding or margins necessary.

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