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Can you point me to a CSS minifier written in C or C++ or Perl so that I can use it on linux / Mac ?

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Another very useful software for compress css, among other niceties is Less: http://lesscss.org/

$ lessc -x styles.less > styles.css
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I usually use Ruby but there are some nice online minifiers that might fit the bill:



Or you could pull this Perl implementation from CPAN (looks like very young software though):


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You can use CSSTidy, it minimizes CSS files and written in C++ (also have PHP version).

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Code Beautifier is the best I have come across - plenty of options and all online so platform independent.

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Does not directly answer his question (he explicitly asked for a minifier that he could use on his operating system), therefore the -1. –  Danilo Bargen Jan 18 '13 at 15:05

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