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I'd like to be able to link a subtask to 2 different user stories. Couldn't find any such option easily available in the config screens ..
Any ideas?

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If you have the "Theme/Epic" field on the sub-tasks, you can add the issue keys for both of the user stories to that field (their actually labels). Then from any GreenHopper view, you can click on the hyperlinked issue-keys in the Theme/Epic field to bring up a dialog of the user story and all associated issues & sub-tasks.

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Thanks, it's very helpful! –  akapulko2020 Feb 17 '11 at 6:37

You can't. A subtask has a single parent issue.

An alternative approach is to use the issue linking feature JIRA provides and link the two stories with a single task to execute. There are a lot of benefits of doing so, as you can separate out work from specifications.

Check out a description how you can actually gear up your JIRA projects @ http://www.idalko.com/display/WIC/Separation+of+specifications+and+tasks


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