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Can anybody help me group the following data:

Name        Order Quantity          Jan         Feb        Mar      Apr
A           10                       Y           Y          N        N
B           12                       Y           N          Y        Y
C           8                        N           N          N        Y

The result should look like this:

Name        Order Quantity
A           10
B           12

Name        Order Quantity
A           10

Name        Order Quantity
B           12

Name        Order Quantity
B           12
C           8


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Are you saying your data source has a separate column for each month? If so,

  1. Make a crosstab and group by {Jan}, {Name}, and sum the {Order Quantity}. Repeat this for all 11 months.

  2. If you want to get this all in 1 table, you'd probably have to do some querying in a SQL database of some kind. i.e. make a union of 12 queries, 1 for each month.

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