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I write some application on XNA for Windows Phone 7. I need to use GUI Controls like comboBox, listBox, radioButton, etc. But XNA standart doesn't contains GUI Control. There are frameworks or libraries with GUI Control for XNA Windows Phone 7 application?

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Here is the App Hub FAQ page on the subject. It lists many options, including:

  • XPF - a full layout engine. No price details yet. Works on phone too
  • OrbUI - 27 controls, 3.1 and 4.0 support on PC and Xbox
  • Nuclex Framework has a skinnable UI
  • NeoForce controls discontinued but source for PC/XNA 4.0 is available on codeplex
  • 2DNA
  • GUI by Valentin
  • Xwinforms
  • GuiManager
  • Simple Gui
  • Window System for XNA
  • Controls for ZuneHD
  • XNA Interface Elements
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Last two days I have been playing with Dynamic UI and User Iterface sample.

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