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I was wondering how much (or would it waste any) bandwidth if you request a page at regular intervals?

If i used ajax to get a page every 10 seconds and the page returns no sourcecode whats so ever and its literaly empty, does this waste any bandwidth ?

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I asked my hosting provider they used a fancy word for saying it would but it would be so insignificant. I think it depended on headers how much headers you send. also if the file was did not change browsers usually cache it, and simply load what was previously sent. – Val Feb 13 '11 at 18:02
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It'll still take up a "slot" on your web server for a minimal amount of time, and the HTTP request and response headers still need to be transferred between the client and the server, so yes it'll still take up a (minimal) amount of bandwidth.

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I would have thought so. A few bytes if any, but you are still calling a file.

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You'll have the bytes comprising the request and the acknowledgement from the server.

Presumably the web server would be returning a http status code of 200 (OK) or 204 (No response) so you'll have the header data for that.

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