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I have a double value as 22.368511 I want to round it to 2 decimal places. i.e. it should return 22.37

How can I do that?

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Do you want to return that value with 2 decimal places? or display the value with 2 decimal places? – thelaws Feb 13 '11 at 17:48
Actually I just need to display it – testndtv Feb 13 '11 at 17:55

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As in most languages the format is


you can see more examples here


I also got this if your concerned about the display of the point in cases of 25.00

        NSNumberFormatter *fmt = [[NSNumberFormatter alloc] init];
        [fmt setPositiveFormat:@"0.##"];
        NSLog(@"%@", [fmt stringFromNumber:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:25.342]]);
        NSLog(@"%@", [fmt stringFromNumber:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:25.3]]);
        NSLog(@"%@", [fmt stringFromNumber:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:25.0]]);
2010-08-22 15:04:10.614 a.out[6954:903] 25.34
2010-08-22 15:04:10.616 a.out[6954:903] 25.3
2010-08-22 15:04:10.617 a.out[6954:903] 25
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On iOS, I had to use setPositiveFormat:, because setFormat: method did not exist (defined only for Mac), but still - great answer, saved me hours of experimenting, so +1 and big thanks to you :) – FurloSK Oct 16 '12 at 22:16

You can use the below code to format it to two decimal places

NSNumberFormatter *formatter = [[NSNumberFormatter alloc] init];

[formatter setNumberStyle:NSNumberFormatterDecimalStyle];
[formatter setMaximumFractionDigits:2];
[formatter setRoundingMode: NSNumberFormatterRoundUp];

NSString *numberString = [formatter stringFromNumber:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:22.368511]];

NSLog(@"Result...%@",numberString);//Result 22.37
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[label setText:@"Value: %.2f", myNumber];
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You can use the NSDecimalRound function

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that is useful if your rounding the value, (which I also thought was the question at first) but the comments show that hmthur wats to control the display only ... – Jason Rogers Feb 13 '11 at 18:05
 value = (round(value*100)) / 100.0;
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I was going to go with Jason's answer but I noticed that in My version of Xcode (4.3.3) I couldn't do that. so after a bit of research I found they had recently changed the class methods and removed all the old ones. so here's how I had to do it:

NSNumberFormatter *fmt = [[NSNumberFormatter alloc] init];

[fmt setMaximumFractionDigits:2];
NSLog(@"%@", [fmt stringFromNumber:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:25.342]]);
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To remove the decimals from your double, take a look at this output:

double hellodouble = 10.025;
NSLog(@"Your value with 2 decimals: %.2f", hellodouble);
NSLog(@"Your value with 0 decimals: %.0f", hellodouble);

The output will be:

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In Swift 2.0 and Xcode 7.2:

let pi:Double = 3.14159265358979
String(format:"%.2f", pi)


enter image description here

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Use NSNumber *aNumber = [NSNumber numberWithDouble:number]; instead of NSNumber *aNumber = [NSNumber numberWithFloat:number];

+(NSString *)roundToNearestValue:(double)number
    NSNumber *aNumber = [NSNumber numberWithDouble:number];

    NSNumberFormatter *numberFormatter = [[NSNumberFormatter alloc] init];
    [numberFormatter setNumberStyle:NSNumberFormatterDecimalStyle];
    [numberFormatter setUsesGroupingSeparator:NO];
    [numberFormatter setMaximumFractionDigits:2];
    [numberFormatter setMinimumFractionDigits:0];
    NSString *string = [numberFormatter stringFromNumber:aNumber];        
    return string;
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You could do this:

NSNumberFormatter* f = [[NSNumberFormatter alloc] init];
[f setNumberStyle:NSNumberFormatterDecimalStyle];
[f setFormat:@0.00"];

// test
NSNumber* a = @12;
NSString* s = [f stringFromNumber:a];
NSLog(@"%@", s);
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