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I've got the object User with the following attributes: Id(long), Name(string), e-mail(string), activated(bool). I added all the correct annotations.

Now is my question, how do I use the EntityManager to fetch a specific object if only the name is known?

I know that I can use the find method to find an object with a specific Id. But how do I use it for fetching an object with the name property set to "Use R Name" for example.

Thank you!


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As in any JPA application, you use JPA queries. See for an introduction on queries and JPQL.

In your case, the code would look like this :

public List<User> findUsersByName(String name) {
    List<User> users = entityManager.createQuery(
        "SELECT u FROM User u WHERE = :userName")
        .setParameter("userName", name)
    return users;

Note that everything supported by JPA is not supported in Google App Engine : see for details.

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