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I have a Firefox/iMacros script that generates screenshots of various websites and a shell script that uses mogrify to resize and optimize the images. I then upload the images to my web server.

I need to be able to run this on a regular basis, perhaps once a week. The script runs through thousands of web sites. When I run it locally, it takes days. It also slows down my computer and is prone to getting interfered with by other members of my household.

I was thinking that if I could buy a virtual machine hosted somewhere, I could run this script from it. However, from my limited searching, the ones I found seem geared toward running web servers rather than desktop software. Does anyone know of a suitable service that does what I'm looking for or an alternate solution?

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Any Windows server will do. More specifically, a small Windows VPS or the small Amazon EC2 "micro" instance (around $30/month) run iMacros well.

.. the ones I found seem geared toward running web servers rather than desktop software.

That is the case for any Windows server. As solution, the iMacros Scripting Edition includes the iimRunner tools that helps with that. From the wiki:

Some browser components, e. g. Flash or some AJAX features do not work correctly when they are run under a Windows service account (tricky permission issues etc). For these cases, we created the iimRunner application. If you want to see it this way, iimRunner is a workaround for browser specific issues, but certainly not for iMacros bugs. iimRunner solves these problems because it makes sure the browsers run under a normal user account - that is the only enviroment browsers are designed and tested for.

Note: I think you can avoid the iimRunner use if you use autologon for your Windows server.

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