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I have a line chart with a column chart as a secondary series. When I roll over the line, the datatips appear. However, if I move the mouse to a spot where a column appears while still on the line, the data tip item appears for the line AND the column. How do I get it so that I only show datatips for the line but not the column?

<mx:AreaChart id="areachart" dataProvider="{data}" showDataTips="true" >

    <mx:AreaSeries id="areaSeries" xField="date" yField="volume" >

    <mx:ColumnSeries id="secondSeries" xField="date" yField="name" >


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Subclass AreaChart and override findDataPoints method to filter out the data points you don't want:

public class CustomAreaChart extends AreaChart
    public override function findDataPoints(x:Number, y:Number):Array
        var originalDPs : Array = super.findDataPoints(x, y);
        var filteredDPs : Array = [];

        for each (var hd : HitData in originalDPs)
            if (hd.chartItem.element is AreaSeries)

        return filteredDPs;

And then use this new class instead of AreaChart.

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Alternatively you can set the interactive property of the column to false:

   <mx:ColumnSeries id="secondSeries" xField="date" yField="name" interactive="false">

This will prevent the columns from responding to mouse input.

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That works too, can't believe I missed that property! And it's much more elegant... – bug-a-lot Feb 25 '11 at 12:22
Hey, it was hard to find, don't be so hard on yourself! – sean Feb 25 '11 at 21:08

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