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I'm a .Net developer and recently I've become part of a project that is doing a port of some java software. I'm trying to get Sharpen up and running to convert.

I have downloaded and installed Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (Version: Helios Service Release 1 Build id: 20100917-0705).

I've been trying to follow this Guide. Following instructions on how to set up sharpen, I've tried then to grab a copy of the sharpen repo at from within eclipse. Host:, Repository Path: Using various connection types I get connection refused when using anony username (or using ext I get Cannot run program "ssh":CreateProcess error=2, the system cannot find the file specified").

Alternatively, I am able to use subversion/toritiseSVN to download the repo at the above mentioned url. I then import this into my workspace, but I get various errors such as org.eclipse cannot be resolved. I know what this means, but I am unsure how to go about solving that problem.

Finally, the last step is to Export this as "Plug-in Development" -> "Deployable plugins and fragments". However, I don't see this as an export option.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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Are you behind a firewall or proxy server? Normally it is the main reason for connection refused. Also which SVN plugin are you using? By default eclipse IDE comes with CVS only. So putting the svn repo at is bound to fail in CVS plugin.

As for your last question:

You have downloaded the basic Eclipse IDE for Java Developers. You will need the Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers. Checkout the eclipse comparison page:

Following are some SVN/eclipse links:


Hope this will help.

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Bingo on both counts. I was using CVS and the basic IDE. Thanks! – Prescott Feb 14 '11 at 3:54

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