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I have 3 tables

cID (PRIMARY KEY, INT) || name || lastupdate (TIMESTAMP)

cID (FOREIGN KEY, linked to contact.cID) || phonenumber || pID (phone number ID, since each contact can have many numbers)

cID (FOREIGN KEY) || email

I need to make a select query that will fetch all the cID of each contact, their name, their phone number if the pID is 1 and their email all in one table. So the output would look like this for example.

cID   |   name             |   phone1  |  email
45    |  John Smith         |  1234567  |
46    |  Darth Vader        |  9999999  |
47    |  Yoda               |  1236547  |  

I tried doing it like this

SELECT contact.cID, name, phone, email FROM contact, phone, email 
WHERE contact.cID = phone.cID AND contact.cID = email.cID AND phone.pID = 1;

This almost does it, but if a contact doesn't have either a phone number or an email by their name then they'll be left out.
I need to show all the contacts, regardless weather they have an email or a phone number in the database.

How can I accomplish this?

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Select c.cID,, As phone1,
From contact As C
    Left Join phone As P
        On P.cID = C.cID
            And P.pID = 1
    Left Join email As E
        On E.cID = C.cID

In short, you need to put the criteria for the pID = 1 in the ON clause when joining phone to contact. In additon, you need to use Left Joins to handle the case where they do not have a phone or email.

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Beat me by seconds. Doing a code review and got the orange bar. Kudos. –  Brad Christie Feb 13 '11 at 23:57
Thanks man. You have saved me tons of headaches –  steini Feb 14 '11 at 0:03

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