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I have randomly generated number of tags with patterened IDs (otherUser1, otherUser2, otherUser3, etc.) and the html content of the p tags with these IDs are usernames. I want to find the ID of the p tag with the correct username and was wondering how I do this. Below is the code I tried using but it returns the tagId of every single p tag even though only one of the p tags holds the userName I'm looking for (represented by the variable 'selectedUser').

var selectedUserName = $("#selectedUser a").html();
var numUsers = document.getElementById('otherUsers').getElementsByTagName('p').length;

for (var i = 1; i <= numUsers; i++) {
    var tagId = '#otherUser' + i;
    var userName = $(tagId).html();

    if (selectedUserName = userName) {
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You have an assignment operator (=) instead of a comparison operator (==) in your if statement.

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Strange mix of jQuery/standard JS in there :)

You're missing some == in your if statement. Should be:

if (selectedUserName === userName) {
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