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I'm trying to read an XML file with actionscript 2.0

The problem is I can only make my code to read a value of a tag by referencing their position.

e.g. var currentIcon = myXML.firstChild.firstChild.childNodes[0].firstChild;

How do I retrieve a value from an XMl file by referencing their tag name?

e.g. var currentIcon = myXML.firstChild.firstChild.childNodes['icon'].firstChild;

Here is my XML file...

        <icon>Partly cloudy</icon>
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In AS2 you can't directly retrieve a node by name from the childNodes array (you can do it in AS3 with E4X and dot notation). You should convert your loaded XML into a native AS2 Object using an XML2Object parser like this:

Then you will access your XML with dot notation like weather.current.icon.
The link contains the XML2Object AS2 class and some examples.

This link explains difference about how to handle XML documents in AS2 and AS3:

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There are also several AS2 XML->Obj parsers on – Slomojo Feb 14 '11 at 4:09

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