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I have WPF DataGrid like below:

<DataGrid x:Name="MasterMemlinesDataGrid"
          ItemSources= "{Binding MyItems}"
          SelectedItem= "{Binding SelectedItem}">
     <DataGridTextColumn Width="110" x:Name="ItemCodeTextColumn"
         Binding="{Binding ItemCode}" />
     <DataGridTextColumn Width="110" x:Name="ItemDescTextColumn"
         IsReadOnly="True" Binding="{Binding ItemDescription}" />
     <DataGridTextColumn Width="110" x:Name="ItemManiDescTextColumn"
         Binding="{Binding ItemMainDescription}" />

Also I have a button which open a view and displays a list of item. After user selects a item, I will update the "ItemCodeTextColumn" and "ItemDescTextColumn" to display the select item, then set focus to the "ItemManiDescTextColumn" cell. Can anyone let me know how I can set the focus to the "ItemManiDescTextColumn" cell?

Thank you

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Assuming you have a row & column index for this cell, Artur has some datagrid extension methods that get a cell from a row & column index. Once you have the cell you just call the cells focus method.

If you don't know the column index but do know the column, you could find it's index using DataGrid.Columns.IndexOf( ItemManiDescTextColumn )

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